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Week 01-2020 (Dec 30th – Jan 05th) Contest Winners

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Week 01-2020 (Dec 30th – Jan 05th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Stavros Kesedakis‎ – 325 votes

“”highway to dreams”…epic mammatus display in Texas at sunset” by Stavros Kesedakis

2nd place: Denis Fotograf – 161 votes

“sunrise at kvarner bay, croatia…30.12.2016.” by Denis Fotograf

3rd place: Marcella Giulia Pace‎ – 150 votes

“Modica – Sicily (ITA) 7/10/18” by Marcella Giulia Pace‎

4th place: Thomas Andy Branson – 144 votes

“Polar stratospheric clouds (PSCs) are clouds in the winter polar stratosphere at altitudes of 15,000–25,000 m (49,000–82,000 ft). They are best observed during civil twilight, when the Sun is between 1 and 6 degrees below the horizon, as well as in winter and in more northerly latitudes.” by Thomas Andy Branson

5th place: Doris Schierer‎ – 108 votes

“.Kelvin Helmholtz clouds…31.12. 2019 ; Wiesenfeld/Bez ; LILIENFELD/AUSTRIA” by Doris Schierer‎

6th place: Ψιμουλάκης Γιώργος – 74 votes

“Storm in the southern Cretan sea (29/12/2019)” by Ψιμουλάκης Γιώργος

7th place: Francesco Agati – 68 votes

“Only in Sicily!” by Francesco Agati

8th place: Massimo Ruvidi‎ – 66 votes

“September 19, 2019… near islet of San Martino (Campania, Italy)…composite of 4 exposures of 30 seconds each” by Massimo Ruvidi

9th place: Łowcy Burz Paweł i Marta Błaszkowscy‎ – 65 votes

“Fire Sunset with Crepuscular rays. Ratowo-Piotrowo, Poland” by Łowcy Burz Paweł i Marta Błaszkowsc

9th place: Kathy Mattson‎ – 65 votes

“Taken Jan 3, 2018 on a very cold clear night in northern Minnesota. Hand-held Canon camera with 50X zoom braced against the deck framing to steady it. I was amazed when I loaded the photos in my computer and saw what I’d gotten!! ; Meadowlands, Minnesota, USA ” by Kathy Mattson

10th place: Nikola Ursić‎ – 54 votes

“Hurricane force bora wind on Adriatic coast. ; 05.01.2020.” by Nikola Ursić

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