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These are official partners of Severe Weather Europe:

CROMETEO (Croatia)

Facebook: Facebook page

ExtreemWeer.Be (Belgium)

Facebook: Facebook page
Twitter: Twitter page

France-Orage (France)


Info Meteo (Belgium)

Website: InfometeoBel
Facebook: InfoMeteoBel Facebook page
Google+: InfoMeteoBel Google+ page

Lebanon Weather (Lebanon)

Website: Lebanon Weather
Facebook: Lebanon Weather Facebook page
Google+: Lebanon Weather app (Greece)

Facebook: Facebook page
Twitter: Twitter page

MeteoLorraine (France)

Website: MeteoLorraine
Photos: Kevin’ Leclercq Photos
Facebok: MeteoLorraine Facebook page

Meteo Planeta (Serbia)

Website: Meteo Planeta
Facebok: Meteo Planeta Facebook page
Twitter: Meteo Planeta twitter page
Google+: Meteo Planeta Google+ page

MeteoStretti (Italy)

Website: MeteoStretti
Blog: Meteostretti blog
Flickr: MeteoStretti photos

MeteoVolos (Greece)

Facebook: MeteoVolos Facebook page

RoMetEx (Romania)

Facebook: RoMetEx Facebook page

SerbianMeteo (Serbia)

Facebook: Facebook page

Storm Chasers Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Facebook: Storm Chasers Dubrovnik Facebook page (The Netherlands)

Facebook: Facebook page
Twitter: Twitter page

WeerEnWind (The Netherlands)

Website: WeerEnWind
Facebook: WeerEnWind Facebook page
Twitter: WeerEnWind Twitter page

One of the main goals of Severe Weather Europe is to provide centralised information gathering and sharing for severe weather events across Europe. The only way do this is with a network of partners across Europe. By sharing information with a wider EU-based and worldwide audience we also aim to promote local and regional severe weather-oriented organizations and individuals.

Much more severe weather events take place in Europe than is generally known, but information rarely travels far unless an exceptional event takes place. Storm chasers across Europe take spectacular photographs and amazing videos of tornadoes, supercells and other severe weather events. Consider becoming a partner of Severe Weather Europe, help us spread information on severe weather events and have your work promoted to a wide audience. Contact us.