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Spectacular supercells over Hungary – July 11, 2017

The two isolated supercells that formed over Slovenia moved into Hungary, encountering very favourable conditions. They developed some spectacular storm structure, captured by a number of chasers and photographers. Enjoy the images and videos!

Near Nagykanizsa. Photo: Attila Gazdag‎.

Over Kaposvár, Somogy – impressive striated mesocyclone and a long beaver tail. Photo: Kacs Dávid.

Spectacular striated mesocyclone on the supercell over omogy – Kaposfő, Hungary. 4 cm hail and intense winds reported too. Photo: Rafael Schmall.

Photo: Forró Szilvia via

Near Somogyszob. Photo: Slmczi Mki – Blitzman.

Near Haromfa. Photo: Slmczi Mki – Blitzman.