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Powerful windstorm over the Bay of Biscay, N Spain and SW France – Feb 4th, 2017

*** Powerful sting jet with damaging winds 120-160 km/h across the Bay of Biscay through the next 6-9 hours ***

An impressive airmass satellite animation of thr rapidly developing secondary cyclone over the Bay of Biscay is revealing a potentially dangerous situation unfolding. Being placed in the left-exit of a strong jetstream, a quite significant deepening of the low is ongoing and should continue for a few more hours. Favorable kinematics and dynamics of the wind field could result in a powerful sting jet developing through the next hours and therefore, extremely severe and damaging winds are expected across coastal N-NW Spain towards WSW France until late morning hours as the deep low moves ashore. Expect gusts in excess of 150 km/h locally!

Stay alert for a possible widespread damage and stay safe if you’re out covering the system!

GFS model forecast for tonight, an extremely severe winds are expected!

Follow the evolution of this system on the radar and satellite imagery: