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Powerful wind storm Christian battering western Europe – Oct 28, 2013

An intense surface cyclone with central pressure of 974 hPa is crossing western Europe today, resulting in damaging severe wind gusts across the south UK, N France and Benelux. Numerous wind gusts in excess of 120 km/h have been reported so far, with several stations (including ship and buoy data) reported wind gusts between 130 and 170 km/h.

00z surface analysis. Source: WeatherOnline UK

IR satellite scan. Source: EUMETSAT /

BBC News is reporting rail services across much of southern Britain have been cancelled for the morning rush hour as a storm continues to batter parts of England and Wales. UK Power Networks says 140,000 homes are without power, at least 130 flights have been cancelled at London Heathrow airport.

High waves in southern UK. Source/Image copyright: John Connor Press Associates ltd

Here are official SYNOP / METAR / BUOY wind gusts recorded with the last 3 hours:

  • 169 km/h Buoy 62304 (English Channel)
  • 159 km/h Isle of Wight (UK)
  • 147 km/h Cap Gris-Nez (France)
  • 143 km/h Buoy 62305 (English Channel)
  • 137 km/h Myken Lighthouse (UK)
  • 131 km/h Langdon Bay (UK)
  • 130 km/h Isle of Portland (UK)
  • 128 km/h Andrewsfield Aerodrome (UK)
  • 127 km/h Boulogne (France)
  • 126 km/h Odiham (UK)
  • 126 km/h RAF Lyneham (UK)
  • 124 km/h K14-fa-1c (Netherlands)
  • 124 km/h Needles (UK)
  • 122 km/h L9-ff-1 (29 m, Netherlands)
  • 122 km/h Thorney Island (UK)
  • 120 km/h St Catherine’s Pt (UK)
  • 120 km/h Yeovilton (UK)
  • 120 km/h Solent MRSC (UK)
  • 119 km/h Bournemouth (UK)
  • 117 km/h Guernsey Airport (UK)
  • 113 km/h Manston South East (UK)
  • 113 km/h London Heathrow Airport (UK)
  • 109 km/h Kenley (UK)
  • 109 km/h Northolt (UK)

Latest radar scan. Source: WetherOnline UK

WV satellite image. Source: SatRep

A couple of plotted wind gusts maps across western EU:

Current daily peak gusts around English Channel. Source: MeteoAlerte France /

Wind gusts within the last hour in N France. Source:

Wind gusts across France so far today. Source: WeatherOnline UK

Wind gusts across the UK so far today. Source: WeatherOnline UK

Wind gusts across the Netherlands so far today. Source: WeatherOnline UK

Wind gusts across the Netherlands lately. Source: WeerPlaza NL

Stay tuned for more updated on this powerful storm and continue tracking it on Ireland radar, UK radar, France radar, Belgium radar, Netherlands radar and satellite pages.