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Heat wave over SW-S-SE Europe continues: outlook for Friday, June 23

Yet another hot day for parts of western, southern and southeastern Europe today. The strong ridge persists, centered over France today and extending from the Iberian peninsula across S-CNTRL Europe into the Balkans. The shortwave trough that affected Germany and Czech Republic yesterday moves the weather across E-CNTRL Europe today, with severe thunderstorms expected. Ahead of the severe weather, it will be very hot across E-SE Europe!

A look by region

Pannonian basin and S Balkans: hot day ahead in this region as well. Ahead of thunderstorms expected in the afternoon temperatures will reach above 30 °C across most of the Pannonian basin, with peak temperatures reaching 35-36 °C in E Croatia, N Serbia and S Hungary! E Hungary and N Romania were hit by an intense squall line earlier this morning, so temperatures will not be quite as high there. Also very hot in S Romania, parts of Bulgaria and N-CNTRL Greece with peak temperatures 35-37 °C!

WRF model guidance for temperatures across SE Europe today. Map: Meteoadriatic

Northern Italy: will be very hot again today, with various models indicating temperatures peaking at 36-38 °C in the Po plain.

WRF model guidance for temperatures across northern Italy today. Map: Consorzio LaMMA

Iberian Peninsula: continues very hot today. Peak temperatures of 36-38 °C expected over southern, eastern and northeastern Spain and southern Portugal. Hut, but several degrees down from the 42-44 °C heat earlier in the week.

ARPEGE model guidance temperatures across the Iberian Peninsula today. Map: