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Exceptionally hot day in northern Europe, temperatures well over 30 °C all the way to the extreme north of Norway (Arctic circle) – July 18, 2018

It was yet another hot day yesterday in northern Europe. Temperatures peaked well above 30 °C far inside the Arctic circle.

Maximum temperatures across north Europe on July 18, 2018. Map:

Temperatures reached 33.0 °C as far north as 70.0°N at Alta airport, Norway. Even further north in Batsfjord, Norway at 70.4 °C temperatures reached 30 °C. Batsfjord is one of the northernmost settlements in Norway. Kevo, Finland at 69.9°N reached 33.4 °C!

Top 20 temperature readings in Norway, Finland and Sweden on July 18. Map: Ogimet

Even by local midnight, temperatures remained high, with Batsfjord remaining at 26 °C. Also at 26 °C was Hasvik-Sluskfjellet, Norway at 70.6°N, even slightly further north than Batsfjord.

Temperatures across north Europe near local midnight on July 18/19, 2018. Map:

Temperatures are expected to remain high over the next few days. An even hotter heat wave may be coming into the region next week. More on this possible development soon.