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Extreme heat wave causes numerous wildfires in Sweden – July 19, 2018

Northern Europe has been in an extreme heat wave for weeks now. Temperatures are regularly exceeding 30 °C across large parts of the region and rainfall has been exceedingly low. The dry vegetation is providing perfect fuel for wildfires.

Ongoing wildfires, July 19, 9:00 am local time. Map:

As of this morning 35 significant fires were being tracked in Sweden. The hot weather is expected to continue, with the possibility of even more intense heat next week.

Forest fire in Jämtland, Sweden late on July 18. Photo: Fältjägarbataljon FB.

Forest fire in Östersund, Sweden late on July 18. Photo: Fältjägarbataljon FB.

Photo: Norrbottens regemente – I 19.

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