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Very hot weather across France, Benelux, Germany and S Spain today – August 7, 2018

Very hot weather continues across parts of western and central Europe today as strong warm advection takes place ahead of an approaching trough from the eastern Atlantic. Temperatures will be in the upper 30s, approaching 40 °C in parts of France, up to +38 °C across Benelux and Germany. Southern Iberian peninsula gets the tail end of the ongoing heat wave today, with temperatures again above 40 °C. Heat in this region will be ending this evening as a cold front pushes from the western Europe, bringing an outbreak of severe storms across N France and Benelux and good refreshment with much colder airmass in their wake.

France, Benelux and Germany

Large parts of France will get well above 35 °C today. Central France, parts of Benelux and western Germany will likely peak into 36-38 °C. Some local valleys could even peak a degree or so higher.

Spain and Portugal

The heat wave that has gripped the region for a week now finally slowly abates across Iberian peninsula. Still, temperatures are expected to reach 35-40 °C today over much of Spain and south-central Portugal while temperatures up to 42 °C are again expected in Andalusia region in Spain.