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Update on the extreme heat wave for Iberia – confirmed!

The Iberian peninsula is in for an intense heat wave: expect temperatures surging towards 50 °C in some places in WSW Spain and S-CNTRL Portugal! We take a look at the latest model guidance.

The latest model guidance is confirming the development of an extreme heat wave for the Iberian peninsula later this week. With around 30-31 °C at 850 mb (approximately 1500 m above sea level height), the peak afternoon temperatures from Friday through Sunday are now expected to reach between 45 and 50 °C in a broad area across west-southwest Spain and south-central Portugal.

Peak temperatures on Friday, Aug 3rd; 44-46 °C in SW Spain, 45-49 °C in south-central Portugal.

Peak temperatures on Saturday, Aug 4th; 44-47 °C in SW Spain, 47-51 °C in south-central Portugal.

Peak temperatures on Sunday, Aug 5th; 42-45 °C in SW Spain, 46-50 °C in south-central Portugal.

Heat waves have dangerous effects on health – keep alert and aware of this! Such conditions will greatly enhance the potential for wildfires, stay alert!