Update on approaching Cyclone Brian.

Cyclone ‘Brian’ is still far from land over the Atlantic ocean west of Ireland and it has now deepened to 965 mbar. Winds are likely gusting at up to 150-160 km/h.

The system is approaching Ireland and will begin affecting it by early evening. However, as the system will likely be gradually weakening, the peak gusts tonight will probably reach ‘only’ up to 100 km/h (in S Ireland) and peak tomorrow morning at 110-120 km/h. Windy weather ahead for Ireland and the UK, some damage potential.

ARPEGE model guidance for peak wind gusts today and tomorrow. Maps: Wxcharts.eu.

High resolution AROME model guidance for peak wind gusts across Ireland and SW UK. Maps: Wxcharts.eu.

A new update will be posted later today.