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UK breaks all time February temperature record – another extremely warm day ahead today, Feb 26th

After breaking the all time February maximum temperature record yesterday, yet another extremely warm late February day for the UK is expected today. A powerful upper ridge with unusually warm temperatures in the lowest levels will persist for two more days, so near-record peak afternoon temperatures are possible in some areas again!

Two stations have set an unprecedented record yesterday, as the first time ever in February any place in the UK has exceeded 20 °C threshold! Weather station Northholt hit +20.4 °C while Trawscoed (Wales) hit +20.6 °C!

Today’s pattern indicated a very intense upper ridge, centered over the British Isles and the North Sea where strong subsidence within the ridge is resulting in incredibly warm airmass for the end of February. The airmass is 10-15 °C warmer than average!

Today various global and regional high-resolution models are hinting the peak afternoon temperatures could again reach 17-19 °C in some areas. AROME model is the most aggressive, peaking into 20s again. Attached are several model maps for 2 m temperature and Tmax values this afternoon:

Enjoy the warm day – it will be becoming much cooler towards the weekend – stay tuned for more details soon!