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Storm to hurricane force Bora/Bura winds in W Slovenia and NW Croatia – Monday, May 13th, 2019

Intense Bora winds will develop across the eastern Adriatic coast, particularly in NW Croatia, in the wake of the cold front this weekend.

Intense Bura winds in Bakar, NW Croatia on January 18, 2017. Video: Jure Atanackov.

The strong Bora will first develop on Sunday afternoon across western Slovenia and northwestern Croatia, particularly Lika and Gorski Kotar into the Kvarner bay and Kornati regions. Peak strength will be reached on Monday. Expect Burja gusting up to 120-150 km/h in western Slovenia, particularly the Vipava valley. Peak gusts in NW Croatia will likely reach 140-180 km/h. Winds will gradually weaken on Thursday.

Peak wind gusts in m/s across the Adriatic region. WRF-NMM model by Meteoadriatic. Maps: Meteoadriatic.

The locals are used to this kind of Burja/Bura winds, but keep it in mind if you are traveling through this region between late on Sunday and Tuesday, particularly with vans or campers.