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Follow up on the heat wave – Sunday July 30th, 2017

A new, 4th heat wave of this summer, is intensifying and expanding from SSW into central Europe. Here are yesterday’s max afternoon temps across Iberian peninsula, Italy and Greece – locally above 35 °C, while southern Spain experienced up to 42 °C in some places!

Here is an update on a developing heat wave this weekend; With a strengthening ridge and lack of winds and moisture, temps throughout the layers are rising, while cooler temps remain over W Europe where large trough is almost stationary there. As can be seen on 850 mb map this evening, the 20 °C isotherm is being pushed into the Alpine area already and onto W Balkans.

This afternoon’s temps should rise into mid-upper 40s in some areas, especially across parts of Italy, central Balkan peninsula and Spain.

Temps are also expected to climb into low to mid 30s in southern half of France, locally up to 35 °C is possible.

Latest GFS model trends for the next 10 days – it appears more and more likely this heat wave will be very long and could extend well into next week, we will have updates soon!

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