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Extreme heat continues tomorrow – low 40s likely across south-central France, NE Spain and possibly also in N Italy, June 27th

Peak of the heat wave is here – both Thursday and Friday will bring an extremely intense heat into parts of France, Spain and N Italy! Model simulations indicate the peak afternoon temperatures to climb into low 40s in these areas, potentially shattering numerous all-time records. Lets take a look into details for tomorrow – Thursday, Jun 27th!

A textbook Omega blocking pattern has established this week, with strong ridge centered over west-central Europe and two deep troughs / lows on its both flanks. Such a pattern usually delivers very hot to extremely hot weather into the aforementioned regions as the extensive high-pressure system develops under a strong Spanish Plume. What makes this event especially extreme is its occurrence so early in the summer with even more than 18 °C warmer airmass than normally at 850 mbar / 1500m ASL height in late June.

High-resolution model simulations from AROME show a potentially extremely intense heat, as scorching hot temperatures develop over much of south-central France, NE Spain and N Italian plains.

These regions are likely to experience record-breaking June records, with peak afternoon temperatures exceeding 40 °C!

Extreme heat will also continue on Friday when all-time heat records are likely to be broken in southern France – read more below:

All-time heat records are likely to be exceeded across S France on Friday, June 28th 2019