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Hurricane Barbara strengthens to high-end Category 4 system – July 3, 2019

Hurricane Barbara has rapidly strengthened and now packs sustained 155 mph winds, making it a high-end CAT 4 system, just shy of the top, CAT 5 threshold.

CAT4 Hurricane Barbara in GOES-17 shortwave IR imagery at 6:35 UTC on July 3. Source: Tropicaltidbits

The system is located in the eastern Pacific, far out over open waters. It rapidly strengthened from tropical storm strenght late on July 1st to a Category 4 hurricane by midday on July 2nd – less than a day! It now packs 155 mph (249 km/h) per latest National Hurricane Center data. A high-end Category 4 system, just below Category 5 threshold. Central pressure is 933 mbar. The system is highly symmetric and displays a large and well-defined eye.

Hurricane Barbara will slowly track northwest across open waters over the next several days. It is expected to gradually weaken to Category 3 early on Thursday and below hurricane threshold by late on Friday.

CAT4 Hurricane Barbara in GOES-17 visible imagery at 1:45 UTC on July 3. Source: Tropicaltidbits