The town of Plomin in Istra, NW Croatia was hit by an unusually long-lived and virtually stationary hailstorm, which covered the area in a thick blanket of hail. Roads needed to ploughed and the hail blanket was even visible from the air!

The storm initiated in the early afternoon (13:20 local) and persisted virtually stationary for an hour!

Isolated stationary thunderstorm over Plomin, Istra, Croatia as scanned by ARSO SIRAD radar.

Getting the car out of the huge hail ‘drift’, in Plomin. Photo: ‎Elena Lakoseljac‎ / Istramet.

Photo: ‎Sara Štemberga Mujić / Istramet.

Photo: Josip Bepo Silić.

Photo: Sandi Švić.

Photo: Antonio Ošee Franković / Istramet.


Incredible view of the hail blanket around Plomin from the air. Photo: Tomislav Vurusic / Istramet.

Photo: Vojvodina Meteo.

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