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Fresh snow in parts of the Alps – July 27, 2017

Parts of the Alps in Austria and Italy have been blanketed in a layer of fresh snow locally 10-15 cm thick.

The first impressions come from Rifugio Torino in the Mt Blanc massif, extreme NW Italy (Alps), yesterday, July 26.

Thick fresh snow was also reported at the Dachsteingetscher, Austria (~2700 m) this morning, July 27.

Photo: Martin Schrempf / Dachsteingletscher Schladming.

Photo: Dachsteingletscher Schladming.

Some more impressions from Rifugio Torino.

Photo: Rifugio Torino.

A light sprinkling of snow was recorded also in the Julian Alps in Slovenia on July 26, at altitudes 2000-2800 m.

Photo: via