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Outlook day 1 (valid: 20/02/2017)

VALID FOR 20-02-2017

A shallow surface low over the SW Norwegian sea produces strong snowfall over parts of SW Norway. A cutoff low over the central Mediterranean and its associated frontal system produce unsettled conditions across parts of CNTRL Mediterranean and W Greece. A cutoff low is located over E Bulgaria and W Black sea, producing unsettled conditions over the Aegean sea. A cutoff upper low persists over NW Africa (N Morocco, NW Algeria), producing unsettled conditions and thunderstorms.

A WNTR risk has been issued for SW Norway for excessive heavy snowfall.

A TSTM risk has been issued for the central Mediterranean and W coast of Greece for thunderstorms with local threat for torrential rainfall.

A TSTM risk has been issued for the Aegean sea and W coast of Turkey for scattered isolated thunderstorms.

An ENH risk has been issued for extreme NE Morocco for excessive torrential rainfall and local flash flooding.

A SLGT risk has been issued for N Morocco for excessive torrential rainfall, marginally large hail and severe winds.

A TSTM risk has been issued for N Morocco, Atlantic ocean off the coast of NW Morocco and extreme SW Alboran sea for scattered thunderstorms.