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Super Typhoon Mangkhut makes landfall over northern Luzon, Philippines late on Friday, September 14

CAT5 Super Typhoon Mangkhut has made landfall over northern Luzon, Philippines. Satellites indicate the typhoon likely reached its peak strength just before landfall.

The system was packing 165 mph (265 km/h) sustained winds several hours before landfall. Satellite imagery indicated additional strengthening of the system just prior to landfall. Also evident was a tight and highly symmetric, circular eye, indicating a stable and very strong system. Landfall happened around 17:20 UTC near Kinayabutan Beach. Afterwards the eye rapidly collapsed as the system was disrupted by the landmass of Luzon island.

Stay tuned for further updates as damage reports come in and as further details of the typhoon’s track into the South China sea become available.