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Record-breaking summer in Europe: the summer of 2018 breaks land temperature record

The summer of 2018 (June-August) is the hottest on record since the beginning of continent-scale records by NOAA in 1910!

The mean land temperature in Europe was 2.16 °C above the 1910-2000 average. It broke the record held by the hot summer of 2003, which was 1.90 °C above the 1910-2000 average.

Europe land temperature anomaly for the period June-August compared to the 1910-2000 average. Data and plot: NOAA.

France had the second hottest summer on record (since 1900), at +2.0 °C warmer than average, only surpassed by the summer of 2003 with a +3.2 °C anomaly. Germany also had the second hottest summer on record (since 1881) at 2.2 °C above average (1981-2010 baseline). The Netherlands also recorded the warmest summer in over 300 years of records, surpassing the warmest summer so far, in 1826.