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Another very warm to hot day across Great Britain and Ireland today (June 28, 2018)

Great Britain and Ireland are enjoying a spell of very warm weather, with temperatures approaching 30 °C and locally going even higher.

Temperatures are already reaching 27-30 °C across both Ireland and Great Britain in mid-afternoon today.

Yesterday, June 27, was already a very warm to hot day across the region. Peak temperatures: 31.3 °C in Aviemore (Scotland), 30.3 °C in Carlisle, 30.1 °C at Blackpool Airport. 30.8 °C at Shannon Airport, Ireland.

A slightly cooler day is expected tomorrow, with peak temperatures 2-3 °C lower than today across Great Britain, but again over 30 °C in parts of Ireland. Saturday will be similar to Friday, slightly cooler in Ireland with temperatures up to about 28 °C. Expect another hot day on Sunday, with southern England going up to 30-32 °C!

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