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Hang tough Austria! New round of heavy snowfall for the northern Alps in the next 4 days

More heavy snowfall is expected over the next four days in areas already buried in meters of snow. Large areas will likely receive over half a meter of snow, while some areas may well see over 1 m of fresh snow by Tuesday morning.

The persistent northerly and northwesterly meridional flow continues, pushing more Arctic maritime airmass into the Alps. Further heavy stau-effect snowfall is expected, with a particularly intense episode of snowfall expected on Sunday and Monday.

4 successive waves of heavy snowfall (violet) for northern Alps over the next 4 days. ICON-EU model guidance. Maps:

Over 50 cm of fresh snow is expected across a large area in Switzerland and Austria, extending also into the extreme NW Italy and extreme SE France. Peak amounts will likely reach 100-130 cm. Consult the maps below for details.

Total snow accumulation early on Thursday to early on Monday. Note over 50 cm of new snow across a large area and locally over 100 cm of fresh snow. ARPEGE model guidance. Map:

Total snow depth early on Tuesday. ICON-EU model guidance. Map:

Total snowfall through Tuesday. Map: Meteoexploration.