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First major snowfall of the season in the Alps on Monday and Tuesday – October 1 & 2, 2018

The upcoming cold front will bring the first major snofwall of the season to the Alps. Models indicate up to 50 cm of snowfall at high elevations. Snowfall is expected over northwestern, northern and central Alps. We take a detailed look.

Snowfall is expected to star over the western and northwestern Alps on Sunday evening at about 2500 m, spreading across much of the northern and central Alps on Monday. The snow limit will be as low as 1400-1600 m across northwestern and northern Alps, about 1800-2000 m over the central Alps. Southeastern Alps, as far southeast as the Julian Alps in Slovenia will also receive snow, above about 2200 m. In case of intense snow showers, snow limit will drop lower.

Maximum amounts of snow are expected over extreme southwestern Alps, northern Alps and in the southeastern (Carnic and Julian) Alps, where locally over 25-50 cm can accumulate.