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An incredible arctic outbreak over the central United States tonight – from hot day and severe storms back to winter and snow in only 12 hours, Apr 10/11th

While the central plains of the United States are enjoying a hot day today (up to +35 °C down in Texas and SW Oklahoma and up to +30 °C in SW Kansas), there is an extremely intense Arctic outbreak expected tonight and tomorrow. A sharp cold front will bring more than 30 °C colder temperatures and a blizzard in only 12-18 hours, through the High Plains and western Central Plains. It is already snowing in NE Colorado, Wyoming and W Nebraska today!

A deep trough will rapidly push across the central United States, resulting in a textbook intense frontogenesis developing in the lee side of the Rockies over E Colorado and Kansas later today and tonight.

A very deep surface cyclone will race across the Central Plains, favoring potential for severe storms near the triple point in N Kansas and SE Nebraska before Arctic the cold airmass pushes through. A very powerful low-level jet will support strong wind shear. Due to the lack of better moisture in place, tornadic storms are less likely, the primary threat will be very large hail. Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has issued an ENH risk over the areas for this reason:

Further west, significant cold advection will push south and temperature change from today afternoon vs tomorrow afternoon are beyond anything experienced in Europe!

Attached are the comparison maps of real-feel temperatures / windchill today later afternoon vs. tomorrow morning – an unprecedented difference over W Kansas!

Here is an example for one location – Garden City in SW Kansas – the incredible temperature change from +30 °C this afternoon to snowfall and -2 °C with powerful cold NW winds by tomorrow morning! Yes, from peak summer clothes back into winter clothes!

On the lee side of the cyclone, quite significant accumulated snow is expected, while the most snow is likely over South Dakota and Minnesota – up to 50 cm fresh snow until Friday!