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Daniel Lutzke
Daniel Lutzke24 hours ago
hi all this would have to be my favourite storm,
this supercell was on a very marginal day in OCT
2017 this classic supercell storm, it tried to from over Rathdowney and was very hp mess. I tracked the storm for 30 km north, when this epic structure came out of the rain and was going hard north just west of town with strong winds and golf ball hail an hour after this photo and like that was all over and had fully disappeared ,,
there wasn't to many structured storms like that this season but I hope there will be next season .
Dean Limbaugh
Dean Limbaugh1 day ago
Thais Schafer"s picture**
Dimitris Pantikidis
Dimitris Pantikidis1 day ago
Lightning strikes twice
Sven Swalef
Sven Swalef4 days ago
Exceptional shelf cloud on a cold front boundary near Rockanje, the Netherlands. This system produced a rare meteorological phenomenon, a meteo-tsunami.
Idris Habi
Idris Habi1 day ago
Spring equinox turned into a winter solstice In northern Algeria at an altitude of 1000 meters
Ιωάννης Τράσιας
Ιωάννης Τράσιας2 days ago
Kastoria, Greece studio trasias