Welcome to the SWE Photography Contest! To make this contest as enjoyable for everyone as possible we have prepared several rules, so please take a look. We invite you to join the contest and contribute, to like and critique and, most importantly, enjoy!

SWE Photography Contest Rules:

1) Only one (1) photo is allowed per person per week. Please no albums.

2) Only Weather and Nature photography, fresh or archive photos are allowed. No weather model or meteorological data, please.

3) Photos with description can be sent to our Facebook inbox or to email [email protected]. Please include your website or social media page; we will include them beside the TOP 10 winner photographers.


4) This is a photography contest only, so videos or animations will not be accepted.

5) Only your own photos are allowed. Submit only photos of which you are the author. Fake or stolen images will be deleted and your name will be banned from the contest permanently.

6) Photo contest is run on a weekly basis. The first day begins on Monday 00 UTC and ends on Sunday 00 UTC (six (6) full days). Sundays are free, so no additional photos will be posted to the SWE Photo Contest wall. Photos received on Sunday will be published on Monday.

7) The winning photo on weekly basis is the one with the highest number of likes received by followers of the page. The photo which scores most likes is the winner.

8) The winner of each week will be posted 72 hours after the specific weekly contest, so on Wednesday each week; this will allow likes to collect through these days. A post with TOP 10 winners will be posted to our SWE Photo Contest wall and website www.severe-weather.eu,

9) At the end of each month, all points (likes) from the past weeks will be calculated and a post of TOP 30 photographers will be published.

10) Under each photo selected in the TOP 10 photos, the real name of photographer will be published as well as link to the photographer’s website or social media page.

The SWE Photo Contest is just for fun and enjoyment of severe weather and general weather photography, for critiquing and improvement, for friendly rivalry between photographers and for collecting and enjoying fine weather photos from across Europe and worldwide.