Week 48 (Nov 23, 2015 – Nov 28, 2015) Severe Weather Photography contest winners:

1. place – WINNER: Marko Korosec – 83 votes

“Life above the clouds, Nov 2015” by Marko Korosec

2. place: Piotr Wojakowski – 71 votes

“Taken on 09 May 2015 in Poznań City, Poland. The upward lightning is portruding form Collegium Altum building, the highest building in the city (103m). This is a wide angle fisheye lens view. The building is 750m from where the camera was set.” by Piotr Wojakowski

3. place: Simon Plat – 48 votes

“A sunlit hailstorm approaching in The Netherlands (november 22th), minutes before it hit me” by Simon Plat

4. place: Leszek Bartczak – 44 votes

“Lightning show over Poznań, Poland, evening, July 28, 2014” by Leszek Bartczak

5. place: Carina Lichtenberg – 41 votes

“25 november 2015 Dinxperlo /Netherlands” by Carina Lichtenberg

6. place: Julian Harcombe – 23 votes

“Far from severe, completely the opposite ! Taken during my trip to Darwin, Australia, last week. 36C and now back in the chilly UK” by Julian Harcombe

6. place: Kristijan Vujčić – 23 votes

“Unusual cloud formation before cold front, summer 2015, city of Prijedor, Bosnia” by Kristijan Vujčić

7. place: Andrzej Baran – 16 votes

“Convective snow near Lubaczow, Poland. 04.2015” by Andrzej Baran

8. place: Manuela Zujić – 12 votes

“Beauty and the beast in Beravci, Croatia, August 2015” by Manuela Zujić

9. place: Daisy Inwood – 10 votes

“Ashill, Norfolk sunset” by Daisy Inwood

10. place: Leonard Pană – 9 votes

“Sundogs over London” by Leonard Pană