The WINNER among the 21 entries in Week 47-48 is: Jon Young

1. place – WINNER: Jon Young – 78 votes

“Dodge City tornado outbreak May 2016” by Jon Young.

2. place: Ryan Crouse – 55 votes

“July 15, 2013. The day had High Risk Tornado Warned Storm potential between Regina and Estevan (Sk. Canada)” by Ryan Crouse.

3. place: Laurent Dussillols – 36 votes

“Monday, mammatus during the sunset” by Laurent Dussillols.

3. place: Roby Dolničar – 36 votes

“Sisters. 03.10.2016 Fažana – Croatia” by Roby Dolničar.

4. place: Daniel Lutzke – 34 votes

“Kansas Colorado rainbow tornado. With ETT TOUR 4 and Basehunters may 2015” by Daniel Lutzke.

5. place: Florian Dickmeiss – 31 votes

“Somewhere in Nebraska, June 2014” by Florian Dickmeiss.

6. place: Michele Sensi‎ – 29 votes

“La notte si illumina…” by Michele Sensi‎.

7. place: Florian Dickmeiss‎ – 25 votes

“24.05.16 Dodge City, KS” by Florian Dickmeiss‎.

8. place: Nikola Pavlovic – 21 votes

“Sunrise over icy lake Michigan 2/18/2016 – Loyola beach Chicago” by Nikola Pavlovic.

8. place: Gregor Vojščak – 21 votes

HP supercell near Tepanje/Slovenia Notice large hailcore area which we almost went through while gettin away from the rain and hail” by Gregor Vojščak.

9. place: Lex Fontana – 17 votes

“Backlighted mountains, shot this summer in South Tyrol, Italy!” by Lex Fontana.

10. place: Michi Hutter‎ – 15 votes

“Sunrise this morning near Tegernsee, South Bavaria. These beautiful cloud structures were caused by unlikely warm winds on the north parts of the Alps” by Michi Hutter‎.

10. place: Andrej Dominiković – 15 votes

“Makarska (Croatia)” by Andrej Dominiković.

10. place: Nikola Pavlovic – 15 votes

“Wall cloud on one of four supercells i followed that day – Centralia, IL 9/9/2016” by Nikola Pavlovic.