Week 46 (Nov 9, 2015 – Nov 15, 2015) Severe Weather Photography contest winners:

1. place – WINNER: Carl Rodham – 46 votes

“Clouds on 3rd november united kingdom stockton” by Carl Rodham

2. place: Danny Banfer – 34 votes

“Sunrise 08/11/15 Thüringia Germany” by Danny Banfer

3. place: Manolis Thravalos – 32 votes

“This severe storm (>65dBz on radar) moved just north of Samos town providing a spectacular show to me and some fellow photographers on 22 October 2015. The lightning frequency was absolutely crazy while we had no rain at all!” by Manolis Thravalos

4. place: Nikola Pavlovic – 26 votes

“Supercell near Marseilles, IL, 7/13/15, with horseshoe shaped updraft base, and dissipating wall cloud” by Nikola Pavlovic

5. place: Valentino Milos Crisetti – 18 votes

“San Giovanni Rotondo (Italy)” by Valentino Milos Crisetti

6. place: Renars Krastinš – 14 votes

“Clouds in 2015 summer, Latvia” by Renars Krastinš

6. place: Kairo Kiitsak – 14 votes

“Well-developed Cumulonimbus cloud in Estonia – July 15, 2014” by Kairo Kiitsak

7. place: Lars Perck – 12 votes

“Sunset. Almost by Gießen, Germany. 8.11.2015” by Lars Perck

8. place: Tiina Lampinen – 11 votes

“This photo was taken on 18th of October, 2015 (on the shore of Lake Päijänne), in Jyvaskyla, located in the middle of Finland. The sunset was something so colorful that I’ve never seen anything like this. I was lucky to have my camera with me as we walked along the shore” by Tiina Lampinen

9. place: Daniel Tex – 7 votes

“Tarvisio Italy a 04/06/2014” by Daniel Tex

10. place: Kristijan Vujčić – 6 votes

“Summer 2013. – City of Prijedor, Bosnia” by Kristijan Vujčić / http://meteo-mreza.wix.com/bosnia-storm-chasers