The WINNER among the 26 entries in Week 42 is: Antonio Di Caudo

1. place – WINNER: Antonio Di Caudo – 61 votes

“Lenticular Cloud saw her this morning, October 21, 2016, in Catania Sicily” by Antonio Di Caudo.

2. place: Nikola Mijić‎ – 47 votes

“Cloud formation. State: Bosnia and Herzegovina Town: Capljina 15.10.2016” by Nikola Mijić‎.

3. place: Nikola Pavlovic – 41 votes

“Near Leola SD, 8/10/2016” by Nikola Pavlovic.

4. place: Michele Sensi‎ – 30 votes

“Una notte magica” by Michele Sensi‎.

5. place: Francesco Capitani – 28 votes

“Night storm, july 2014, Porto San Giorgio (Italy), single shot | Sports & Nature Photography – Francesco Capitani” by Francesco Capitani.

6. place: Thomas Pflimlin – 25 votes

“So close with my home <3 !" by Thomas Pflimlin.

7. place: Sean Beck – 23 votes

7. place: Hank Vlietstra – 23 votes

“Drastic Sky – 2016-06-09, 8:20PM, Superb, Saskatchewan, Canada
It was thrilling to keep pace with this wickedly curved shelf cloud, moving from right to left, dwarfing the grain elevator in the distance! It was a very impressive sight, but the high-base storm was a lot less severe than it looked at this point. It had packed a pretty good punch earlier however, about 100 to 200km farther West.” by Hank Vlietstra.

8. place: Zahmen Res – 21 votes

“This is my hometown Gisborne New Zealand.” by Zahmen Res.

9. place: Ricky Weiße – 16 votes

“Beautiful sunset october 2014 in Podelwitz, Germany” by Ricky Weiße.

10. place: Annamária Rusz‎ – 15 votes

“That was a beautiful Sunrise in Spring 2016 near the lake Balaton, Hungary :)” by Annamária Rusz‎.

10. place: Gantcho Gantchev‎ – 15 votes

“Crazy sunset after a rainy autumn day in Sofia, Bulgaria. ;) (07.10.2016)” by Gantcho Gantchev‎.

10. place: Ward Bruggeman‎ – 15 votes

“Tail cloud this evening in Dadizele (Belgium)” by Ward Bruggeman‎.

10. place: Marko Stifter‎ – 15 votes

“Morning glory, Autumn back in 2014, Austria” by Marko Stifter‎‎.