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Week 39 (September 26-October 2, 2016) Contest Winners

The WINNER among the 16 entries in Week 39 is: Ian O’Connor

1. place – WINNER: Ian O’Connor – 78 votes

“Wall cloud on an approaching supercell, Colorado 2014” by Ian O’Connor.

2. place: Michał Mendak‎ – 70 votes

“An intense storm back from June 25th in Hel Peninsula, Poland. No Hail, but winds over 100km/h (>60mph) were reported
” by Michał Mendak‎.

3. place: Hank Vlietstra‎ – 69 votes

“The most incredible reds I’ve EVER seen in a sunrise… Looking West, away from the sun, July 19th this past summer!” by Hank Vlietstra‎.

4. place: Vanja Mihic – 46 votes

“A view back to august, 20 2014. After waiting more than 3 hours for a good shot, this anvil crawler appeared over Brijuni National Park (Croatia). Please excuse the dramatic photo edit :P” by Vanja Mihic‎.

5. place: Nikola Pavlovic – 43 votes

“The second primary tornado (rated EF2), spiced with some wires and poles. DC tornado family, 5/24/2016” by Nikola Pavlovic.

6. place: Gijs de Reijke – 27 votes

“Lightning striking from an isolated thunderstorm in the evening of June 23rd of this year, near the Dutch town of Weert.
Level 3 Storm Chasers & Dynamic Landscapes Photography” by Gijs de Reijke.

6. place: Paul Sieczka – 27 votes

“June 30, 2014 near the IL/IA border – @PaulSieczka on Twitter or paulsieczka on ig” by Paul Sieczka.

7. place: Karen Frazier‎ – 24 votes

“None of my photos will ever be on the scale of the photos I’ve seen posted here (my shaking hands and old camera make that impossible), but I enjoy looking at them anyway” by Karen Frazier‎.

8. place: Regis Laurent – 21 votes

“Photo taken in Apeldoorn The Netherlands on 02-10-2016” by Regis Laurent.

9. place: Ivona Starčević – 19 votes

“Pink sky :) This is the original photo, without adding contrasts or colors. The sky was really like this. :)” by Ivona Starčević.

10. place: Jernej Lipovec – 18 votes

“Massive shelf cloud in Maribor, Slovenia back in 2009.” by Jernej Lipovec.

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