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Week 18 (May 2-8, 2016) Contest Winners

The WINNER among the 23 entries in Week 18 is:

1. place – WINNER: Francesco Gennari – 51 votes

“Amazing night chase over the adriatic sea, huge thunderstorm from Ancona to Venezia. Absolutely the most beautiful and spectacular storm i ever seen in my life. You can see also a waterspout in the lower left. From Fiorenzuola di Focara, Italy, 19 August 2015.” by Francesco Gennari.

2. place: Sandro Puncet – 48 votes

“Lightning night… 15.2.2016. island Lošinj, Croatia” by Sandro Puncet.

3. place: Robert Candrák‎ – 31 votes

“Shelf structures over Upper Austria today afternoon” by Robert Candrák‎.

3. place: Erik Dirksen‎ – 31 votes

“Wide angle view of a HP Supercell near Pier, Germany on August 18th 2011” by Erik Dirksen‎.

4. place: Jack Miller – 29 votes

“Captured this bolt of lightning over New Smyrna Beach, Florida back in October of 2014” by Jack Miller.

5. place: Gauvin Daniel – 28 votes

“Extra cloud to ground lightning during a cevenol storm close to Montpellier , France, september the 13 2015” by Gauvin Daniel.

6. place: Roby Dolničar – 25 votes

“14.07.2011 Starship Enterprise looklike supercell at NE Slovenia near Murska Sobota at sunset time” by Roby Dolničar.

7. place: Lucijan Španić – 23 votes

“The city seems small ⚡☁⚡ 28.04.2016” by Lucijan Španić.

8. place: Sebastian Stöttinger‎ – 18 votes

“Strong thunderstorm with a massive rain core (>50 liters in 30 minutes) on 12th of June 2015 right above the german city of Bingen. This cell flooded Bingen itself and a few nearby villages” by Sebastian Stöttinger‎.

9. place: Gregor Vojščak – 17 votes

“27/04/2016 Domžale, NE of Ljubljana/Slovenia. Quite a view on three inflow scuds touching ground and feeding into the storm just few hours before intense cold front swept through our country” by Gregor Vojščak.

10. place: Piotr Wojakowski – 16 votes

“28.07.2014 One of the most spectacular storms of 2014 over Poznań city, Poland” by Piotr Wojakowski.

10. place: Lars Petrick – 16 votes

“Lemmer, NL, May 2014” by Lars Petrick.

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