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Week in review, February 27th – March 5th, 2017

This week produced various types of weather across Europe, from windstorms in some areas, to convective storms as an intro into meteorological spring 2017. Some amazing non-weather events like a volcanic eruption and spectacular northern lights over northern Europe also occured!

Parts of British Isles, Ireland and France were affected by several cyclones and windstorms, resulted in some dramatic high waves:

Mt Etna volcano, on the island of Sicily, S Italy erupted in the beginning of the week. The relatively modest eruption produced a spectacular show with unbelievable high contrast fire versus ice scenery!

The first spring severe storms were experienced in some areas, a fine intro into the new convective season!

On Saturday, a surface low moved across S France and N Mediterranean, resulting in a strong Foehn windstorm and intense snow blizzard conditions over the Alps:

A deep secondary cyclone formed on Sunday over the British Isles and Ireland, affecting the area, including NW France with winds gusting over 120 km/h:

Marginally severe thunderstorms accompanied the system, with a tornado being reported

Outlook day 1 (valid: 06/03/2017)
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