The WINNER among the 28 entries in Week 46-47 is: Stavros Kesedakis

1. place – WINNER: Stavros Kesedakis – 82 votes

“Challenging the beast…….. Wray CO supercell….!!” by Stavros Kesedakis.

2. place: Guy Coopmans – 70 votes

“Water Bomb!” by Guy Coopmans.

3. place: Florian Dickmeiss – 43 votes

“16/05/21 – In the middle of nowhere, KS” by Florian Dickmeiss.

4. place: Nikola Pavlovic‎ – 34 votes

“One of many shapes on display during DC outbreak 5/24/2016” by Nikola Pavlovic‎.

5. place: Michele Sensi‎ – 22 votes

“In arrivo..!” by Michele Sensi‎.

6. place: Jure Atanackov – 20 votes

“Spectacular August 15, 2016 Maribor, NE Slovenia severe supercell – looking form underneath the mesocyclone towards the RFD precipitation, wall cloud on the ground to the right. This photo was made at the time it was dropping up to 10 cm (softball size) hail. Wide field @10 mm on DX sensor.” by Jure Atanackov.

7. place: Nikola Mijić‎ – 19 votes

“Boom – 15. 10. 2016. Location: Capljina /Bosnia and Herzegovina
#BosniaStromChasers” by Nikola Mijić‎.

8. place: Zahmen Res – 17 votes

“My last sunset at Cordingley Lake in Ontario Canada. Great fishing, weather and most of all, people” by Zahmen Res.

9. place: Andrea Maccagno – 16 votes

“Torino, NW Italy, 07/11/2016. Ph: Valerio Minato pH” by Andrea Maccagno.

9. place: Nikola Pavlovic‎ – 16 votes

“Ellendale ND, 8/10/2016” by Nikola Pavlovic‎.

10. place: Daniel Lutzke‎ – 15 votes

“xeaudesert weather” by Daniel Lutzke‎.

10. place: Jon Young‎ – 15 votes

“This was taken in Oklahoma on May 27th this year on my Samsung Galaxy S7” by Jon Young‎.