Torrential rainfall has been occuring across the SLGT risk of DAY 1 Outlook for 04/11/2013 as persistent strong SWerlies were advecting very humid and warm airmass into the northern Adriatic region. Locally, 70 mm to more than 100 mm of rain was accumulated within 18 hours period (from Monday 4th afternoon until Tuesday 5th morning) as seen on this 24-hour rainfall map created by local radar Fossalon:

24-hour radar accumulation. Source:

After these intense and excessive rainfall overnight, the local Vipava river (W Slovenia) flooded several houses and main road Sempeter pri Gorici – Prvacina near Prvacina the next morning, Tuesday Nov 5th.

Flooding of Vipava river. Source: Tadej Pisot

Flooding of Vipava river. Source: Leo Caharija /

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