Thunderstorms hit eastern Spain this afternoon, resulting in torrential downpours, hail and tornadoes.

As expected thunderstorms hit eastern Spain this afternoon. An impressively unstable environment, particularly for January, established along the frontal system ahead of the forming cutoff upper low. At least one and likely several tornadoes were reported in Almeria. Some damage is apparent, no reports on possible injuries so far.

EDIT (Jan 7, 9:00 UTC): further thunderstorms affect NE Spain, update at the bottom of the page.
EDIT (Jan 7, 17:00 UTC): further reports on tornadoes.

Tornado over Santa María del Águila, Almeria. Video: German Moreno.

Tornado over El Ejido, Almeria. Video: @Granaino_Ir TW.

Tornado in Almeria. Video: @sandoval_andrs TW.

Damage track of the same tornado. Photo: @Meteorologia de Almeria.

Tornado (waterspout) just off El Alquián, Almeria, SE Spain. Report: Jose Daniel Clemente Plaza

Spectacular thunderstorm, particularly for winter time, over Jalance, Almeria, E Spain this afternoon. Photo: @astrofotojlc TW.

Hailstorm in Elda, Alicante, Spain. Video: @Joseraul_96 TW.

Tornado in Almeria. Video: @@Vigorro TW.

EDIT (Jan 7, 9:00 UTC):

Lightning tracks across Spain on January 6; note the lightning activity along the coastal part of southeastern and eastern Spain. Plot: @AEMET_SINOBAS TW.

Lightning tracks across extreme northeastern Spain in the morning hours of January 7. Plot: @AEMET_SINOBAS TW.

Large hail in Vilademuls, NE Spain this morning, January 7! Report: @meteocat TW.