A tornado was reported in Marchena, Sevilla province, Spain yesterday afternoon. There are also reports of damage, however, no EF rating has been assigned yet. Regionally the conditions were supportive of organized thunderstorms, including supercells with about 500 J/kg MLCAPE, 30-50 kt DLS with moderately favourable veering profile and considerable QG forcing. Low level shear (0-1 km) was limited at about 10 kt, however, sufficient veering was present to warrant possible isolated tornado threat.

Source: Jesús Sánchez @JesusSanchez on Twitter

20 April 2014 12Z Murcia sounding shows a strongly sheared 0-6 km environment with notable veering in the lowest 1500 m. Murcia is nearly 300 km east of Marhcena.

20 April 2014 12Z Murcia sounding. Source: University of Wyoming.

15Z surface data in the vicinity of Marchena shows generally S-SSW surface winds at 5-15 kt, with temperatures 15-16 °C and dewpoints around 13-14 °C. Thus there was significant veering profile in the lowest km and low LCLs, enhancing tornado potential.

Marchena tornado. source: Meteo LEMO @meteolemo (Twitter) via. Cazatormentas