Several marginally severe supercell thunderstorms hit central France in the early morning hours of October 20, 2013. Storms produced marginally severe hail (hailstones 2-3 cm in diameter) and accumulations of over 10 cm of hail have been reported from the area. The thunderstorms formed in a fairly low CAPE, but high shear environment. An interesting, more detailed report with detailed analysis has been made by Also check the link for some photos of the supercells by Maxime Villaeys.

The supercells developed in the TSTM/SLGT risk areas od Day 1 outlooks for 19/10/2013 and 20/10/2013.

EUMETSAT IR image of central France supercells, October 20, 00:00 UTC. Source: EUMETSAT /

Hail in Limoges. Source: [email protected]_B27 /