We have already reported on the severe hailstorm that hit the Burgos province, Spain on October 2, 2013. Now, thanks to Spanish storm chaser and weather photographer Jose Antonio Gallego, we can see the supercell responsible. Choosing a more distant and properly oriented location, Gallego recorded the supercell’s absolutely spectacular lightning show.

Image credit: Jose Antonio Gallego / Cazatormentas.net.

The video clearly shows the supercell’s structure: a tilted updraft with offset precipitation and backsheared anvil. And the shocker – the video is in real time!

Additional information (in Spanish): http://www.cazatormentas.net/index.php/noticias-de-meteorologia-mainmenu-2/77-videos-de-tormentas-tornados-huracanes-ciclones/3560-video-extraordinario-de-la-supercelula-de-burgos-iluminada-por-los-rayos-y-relampagos-continuos.html