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Cold front brought severe weather across N Adriatic region – Oct 11, 2013

A cold front was crossing the MDT risk area of Day 1 Outlook 11/10/2013 over northern Mediterranean this morning and brought heavy rain and strong winds into W Slovenia, NE Italy and NW Croatia. 30-60mm was accumulated over larger area in 12 hours between 00 and 12 UTC, while along the CRO/SLO border just north of Kvarner bay radar estimated even around 150-200mm of 12hr total. Unfortunatelly no weather stations are in that area, the closest one Matulji (source: Istramet) just N of Rijeka, Croatia reported 104mm/12hrs which fits into the radar estimation.

12-urs rainfall total (11/10/2013 00:00 – 11/10/2013 12:00 UTC). Source: OSMER FVG

24-urs rainfall total (10/10/2013 12:00 – 11/10/2013 12:00 UTC). Source: OSMER FVG

Cold front arrived into the N Adriatic at around 4:00 UTC and was quite rapidly progressing east across the region.


A couple of brief waterspouts were reported in the Trieste gulf at 5:00 UTC, which lasted for 1-2min only. SE winds were blowing ahead of the front while strong westerlies were behind the front.

Source: Marko Korosec /

When the front hit the coast of N Adriatic sea, wind gusts between 70-90 km/h were reported. The front was then continue to move east across Slovenia and Croatia during the rest of the morning.

High rainfall accumulations over NE Italy and NW Croatia - Oct 10, 2013
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