Two more tornadoes have been reported from the Aegean coast of Turkey on the morning of October 17. This brings the total of confirmed tornadoes to 3.

Map source:

Tornado damage is reported from:

  • Őzbek (Izmir province) – ~2:30 UTC, EF1
  • Sarigerme (Muğla province) – ~7:45 UTC, EF0-1

The Sarigerme event was only about 50 km from the Island of Rhodes, where a large multi-vortex tornado formed at 5:18 UTC.

Unfortunately no video footage or photographs of either of the two events has appeared yet.

Considering the small land coverage in the area and widespread conditions supporting tornadoes, it is possible that more tornadoes appeared over the sea during the night and morning, constituting a possible tornado outbreak. The areas were included in MDT risk areas for 16/10/2013 and 17/10/2013 over the Aegean.

Some photos of the Őzbek tornado damage (EF1 / T2):

Source (with many additional images of tornado damage):