A line of supercell thunderstorms formed late on October 26 in central France inside the SLGT risk area in France of Day 1 Outlook on 26/10/2013. The supercells produced some marginally large hail with hailstones 3-4 com in diameter as reported by Keraunos.

Hailstones in Yonne. Source: Gabriel Vignes / Keraunos.

French storm chaser Olivier Ferreux intercepted a well-developed and active supercell, taking the photos below. Clear supercell morphology is visible with tilted updrafts and mesocyclone striations.

Source: Olivier Ferreux / Keraunos.

More photos at: http://www.keraunos.org/actualites/fil-infos/2013/octobre/grele-orage-fort-26-octobre-2013-yonne-bourgogne-supercellules.html