A major severe mesoscale convective system (MCS) formed over the Balearic islands in the afternoon of October 29, 2013. The system brought severe winds, heavy rainfall and even a tornado to the islands. Balearic islands were part of the SLGT risk area of the Day 1 Outlook for 29/10/2013. Satellite images in this report are from Cazatormentas.net website.

MCS over the Balearic islands imaged by NASA’s Terra satellite. Source: Cazatormentas.net / NASA.

MCS over the Balearic islands imaged by EUMETSAT. Source: Cazatormentas.net / EUMETSAT.

Lightning map during the Baleares MCS. Source: AEMET.

A tornado was also reported offshore Mallorca. It formed at 13:30 UTC and lasted for approximately 5 minutes. No damage was reported.

Photo by: James Waud

AEMET reports 112 mm of rain from this system in Santanyi and 110 mm in Ses Salines, Mallorca. Two cars were swept away by flash floods near Porto Petro, the occupants were saved by the Civil Guard. In addition, one person was injured when hit by a falling tree. Multiple landslides blocked several roads.

Severe wind damage. Tomeu Rayo Bennasar.

Extremely heavy downpour with reported rain rate over 400 mm/h in Palma de Mallorca (Dique del Oest). We thank Luca Milevoj for bringing the video to our attention. Source: elTemps.info / Youtube.com.

Source: Malle Yeah / Youtube.com

Source: Pedro Pizá / Youtube.com

An in-depth analysis and report on this severe storm event has been prepared by our Spanish partner Cazatormentas.net: http://www.cazatormentas.net/index.php/noticias-de-meteorologia-mainmenu-2/72-tiempo-severo-en-el-mundo/3603-sistema-convectivo-de-mesoescala-deja-grandes-destrozos-en-baleares