A major tornado hit Civitavecchia, about 50 km northwest of Rome early yesterday afternoon. The tornado formed over the sea and caused considerable damage once onshore. Damage has been reported as EF1 to EF2 (ESWD). The tornado persisted for 15 minutes. Scroll down for photos and videos.

Location of the tornado/Civitavecchia. Map source: Google Maps.

12Z 19 April 2014 Pratica di Mare sounding (below) shows low CAPE, high shear and very high SREH conditions. The parent cell formed on a surface convergence near the coast.

12Z 19 April 2014 Pratica di Mare sounding. Source: Universtiy of Wyoming.

Numerous photos and video footage of the event were captured. A compilation of the best photos and videos is presented below.

Source: Meteoweb.it

Source: Mr.Twister (FB)

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