A strong supercell thunderstorm formed in Veneto last evening around 21h UTC and tracked eastwards through the Friuli region. Storm chaser Marko Korošec intercepted the supercell near Palmanova, Friuli, capturing impressive storm structure with striated mesocyclone, inflow banding and multiple CG lightning strikes.

Supercell caught near Palmanova Friuli by Marko Korošec. Source: Weather-photos.net Check out for more images!

Conditions were very favourable for supercells with a strong 50 kt mid-level (500 mbar) WSW jet and a strong veering wind profile with 10-20 kt SE surface wind. With strong warm air advection from the Adriatic sea, surface temperatures in Friuli were 17-20 °C with dewpoints at 17-19 °C even at 23h local. This resulted in over 1200 J/kg CAPE locally near the coast.

OSMER FVG Fossalon radar scans of the supercell at 22:00 and 22:30 UTC. Source: OSMER FVG.

OSMER FVG Fossalon Doppler radar scans showing the clear presence of a mesocyclone. Source: OSMER FVG.

Damage has been reported in the area around Loncon, Hanno Veneto and Cinta Cao Maggiore with large accumulations of hail and strong downbursts. Check Giorgio Pavan’s blog for a damage report.

NE Italy was part of SLGT risk area of Day 1 Outlook on 29/10/2013.