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Impressive hail accumulation in Goito, north Italy – October 29, 2013

A severe hailstorm crossed central Lombardia region in north Italy yesterday evening, resulting in an impressive amount of accumulated hail in towns Goito and Guidizzolo naer Mantova, central Lombardia. Locally, more than 10cm of hail was accumulated. A SLGT risk area of Day 1 Outlook for 29/10/2013 was in effect for northern Italy.

Lots of accumulated hail in Goito, Italy. Source: Daniele Eci / / GazzettadiMantova

Lots of accumulated hail in Goito, Italy. Source: / GazzettadiMantova

Torrential rainfall was reported as well, causing some flash floods. These are some rainfall accumulations from Lombardia region yesterday:

  • 89.4 mm Saviore dell’Adamello
  • 80.0 mm Piancogno loc. Vigne
  • 77.2 mm Borno – Monte Altissimo
  • 75.9 mm Sellero
  • 65.3 mm Schilpario
  • 64.3 mm Esine
  • 63.4 mm Colere

Severe winds resulted in some fallen trees around Piubega and Acquanegra, Lombardia.

More details: news report

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