Ongoing convection on the cold front in the MDT risk of DAY 1 Outlook for 09/11/2013 has resulted in heavy precipitation accumulations across NW Slovenia and NW Croatia. Heavy rainfall was mostly the result of strong orographic lift of the very moist and warm airmass on the Dinaric mountain range. Maximum radar observed rain accumulations range from 150-250mm in 24 hours. There are no station data in the maximum radar rain accumulation areas, but station data around that area does verify the radar accumulations for their location. Platak station in NW Croatia had 43mm accumulated rainfall in 24 hours and the radar accumulations for that area were in the 28-44mm range. Zatolmin station in NW Slovenia had 123mm accumulated rainfall and the radar accumulations were in the 100-150mm range.

24 hour radar accumulations for 9.11.2013. Source: OSMER