When forecasts of the extreme Bora wind event of last Monday first came in most people planned to take cover. Except for a handful of storm chasers and extreme weather enthusiasts. Thanks to this extraordinary bunch we can see this event up close.

Weather and landscape photographer Marin Pitton captured these amazing photos chasing near Pag bridge with Crometeo team.

Find more of Marin’s great weather photos on his FB site.

Storm chaser Marko Korošec was on the same scene. This is how he saw the event through his lens.

And this is how the event saw him (photo: Jure Mišković / CROPIX).

No comment needed there (photo: Hrvoje Batinić).

Jure Mišković caught some more action:

Nearby, Boris Bašić caught more chaser action and an amazing panorama of the extreme wind action.

Further out, on Mali Lošinj, photographer Vilson Berisha (check out more of his photos!) was documenting the action.

That’s just a thing chasers do in a severe breeze … (photo: Miroslav Lelas)

And then take cover (photo: Kristijan Fešte).

But not for long!

Photo: Kristijan Fešte.

Photo: Miroslav Lelas.

Photo: Toni Katić.

“Band of Brothers”-style (photo: Rade Popadić).

Check out many, many more photos from these dedicated weather enthusiasts in the Crometeo.hr full report!

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