The deep sub-zero temperatures that enveloped the eastern and southeastern Europe in the second half of the past week in the ongoing cold spell caused large rivers and lakes to begin freezing across parts of E-CNTRL and SE Europe.

The Danube river, the longest river in the European union has been freezing over. We have received numerous reports of increasing ice cover on the Danube. The last time the Danube river froze was in 2012, which was the first freezing event in 25 years.

Freezing has also been reported on the Tisza river, Hungary as well.

Freezing has been reported in Venice lagoon. The last time there was significant freezing in the Venice lagoon was in 2012, after a hiatus of more than two decades.

Lake Balaton has also been reported freezing in the past several days. The lake is located in western Hungary.

Lake Vrana has also been reported freezing. The lake is located in the Makarska region on the coast of the Adriatic sea, Croatia.

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